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Thermal lens microscope ITLM-10
The compact thermal lens microscope developed by Kitamori's Labs. is the best detection device to apply for the micro-space of Integrated Chemical Laboratory (ICL). Kitamori's Labs. developed the thermal lens microscope by implementing the thermal lens spectroscopic technique into the microscope. It can be used for the most of analytes.
Thermal lens microscope ITLM-10 Objective lens
Model ITLM-10
Color Ivory
Size 280(w)mm x 550(D)mm x 65(H)mm
Power source AC100V x 2
Weight 25kg
Excitation laser source wavelength 532nm
max. output 50mW
Probe laser source wavelength 670nm
max. output 1mW
Light chopper Frequency 50-5000Hz
Detector Silicon Photo Diode
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